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At University I focused on intermedia studies: installation, performance, video, photography, and bookwork. I made drawings, paintings, and prints as well but my interests were decidedly post-modern at the time and so I steered mostly away from “tradition”. I was also, outside of school, making art and design on computers.

This mixed media student practice coalesced in me working in graphic design. More specifically, I jumped directly in to designing print and nascent web and interactive design projects. I have always happily worn a bunch of hats both for personal and professional work. Interactive design especially suited the cross-disciplinary way in which I prefer to work.

Over twenty-five years into working as a designer, I made a change in how I approached art-making which transformed the experience for me and resulted in a type of work I had never done before. I have made artwork in the context of design and separate from it over those years — much of it photography — but the drawings I have been making since mid-2015 tapped a wellspring in me.

The work on this site represents work mostly made beyond that shift. These images (in a variety of forms/styles) are an evolving series and part of what makes them so compelling for me is that their process is revelatory. It’s not that they make themselves in front of me. There is intention and direction to my hand. There is though an active associative narrative that comes through open mark-making.

I am curious and open to hear from people regarding sales or commissioned work.