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Davin Risk

Hi. I’m a designer, photographer, and occasional geek — I started designing online when all the sites were grey.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my partner Gayla Trail and a sweet dog named Molly.

Over a decade ago, Gayla and I formed Fluffco, an artistic and professional collaboration to explore narrative, culture, and community. Our shared passion for aesthetics and a need for hands-on experience has lead us to create our own path in interactive media, book production, product design, photography, and education.

Around the same time I rekindled an interest in photography and low resolution became a place for me to grow and document some of the images I see. I have a Flickr account that hosts more of my photos. Bird drawings, pictures of Molly, and the occasional nice photo show up on Instagram.

I currently work as a Lead Designer at Sago Sago where we make toys and tools for kids of all ages.

I may been known to ramble, gripe, and be silly on Twitter